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Thank you for visiting my web site.  I am a Christian as defined in terms of a proper hermeneutically-based Biblical world view.  What you read on my site is a product of Bible study since 1970.  I was raised in a Free Methodist Church family.  Jesus dramatically healed me of Juvenile Diabetes at the age of 6.  I studied at Elim Bible College, Lima, New York, U.S.A. in the mid 1970's.  I was involved in the 1970's Jesus People and Charismatic Movements.  I've been active in all aspects of church life my entire life.  My ministry is teaching the Bible.  I enjoy leading  home groups, writing,  playing guitar, harmonica, banjo, and mandolin on worship teams.  I've been legally blind since birth.  You can learn  more about me by reading  My Journey Through The Ecclesiastical Maze or  My Story. I hope my site is both instructional and inspirational.  I don't have all the answers to all of our questions.  My writing skills have improved over the years, but I can't guarantee perfection.  I live with  my wife Dianne in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, where I was born in 1951.

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