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"For lack of knowledge my people are destroyed" - Hosea 4:6 

Thank you for visiting my web site.  I am a Christian as defined in conservative Biblical terms, thus a Biblical world view is basic to my thinking.  What you read on my site is a product of my Biblical studies since 1970.  I live with my wife Dianne, in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, where I was born in 1951.  I was raised in a Free Methodist Church family.  Jesus saved me from death when He healed me of Juvenile Diabetes at the age of 6.  I studied at Elim Bible College, Lima, New York, U. S. A. in the mid 1970's.  I was involved in the 1970's Jesus People/Charismatic Movements.  I've been active in all aspects of church life throughout my life.  I am Charismatic/Pentecostal  by experience but not by doctrine.  

My ministry is teaching the Bible.  I enjoy leading  home groups, writing,  playing guitar, harmonica, banjo, and mandolin.  I have been legally blind my entire life, but, I'm not spiritually blind.  Learn  more about me by reading  My Journey Through The Ecclesiastical MazeMy Story or Why I Study The Bible.  I hope my site will be thought provoking and inspiring.  I don't claim to have all the answers.  My writing skills have improved over the years, but I can't guarantee perfection.     

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