Jesse Sweetman
May 9, 2002 - Nov. 11, 2016
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About Jesse 

Jesse is a 27 pound Bichon and was born on May 10, 2002,
in Ontario, Canada, and adopted  9 weeks later  by his new
 momma and poppa, Steve and Dianne.  His momma Dianne
 chose him over his brother because when she picked him up,
 he nibbled on her neck.  If his new parents had the extra
 money, they would have brought his brother home too.  
Jesse was somewhat afraid at first about leaving his brother, 
but it didn't take him long to love his new home.


Jesse likes

-quiet classical & relaxing music
-playing  catch. launch ball, soccer, foot ball - "doggie in
the middle" ( momma and poppa throws the ball back and
forth to each other and he tries to catch it)
-following momma and poppa "everywhere" 
-laying on the love seat and foot of the bed
-soaking up the heat in front of the fire place
and becoming a "hot dog"
-going for walks and runs
-kissing papa's face in the evening and momma's
 face in the morning 
-chasing squirrels and cats when allowed
-sitting on front porch waiting for momma to come
 home from work
-twirling momma's peddle on her exercise bike 
-grandma coming to visit
-opening birthday & Christmas presents
-chewing his stuffed toys
-really likes treats
- broccoli, green beans, and carrots
-his blanky and hiding under it
-opening micro wave stand door with his nose
-belly, neck, and ear rubs
-going to parks
-exploring in the back yard 
-sitting in the sun on back deck
-laying under bushes on hot days and getting dirty
-singing Christmas songs along with his own dog
 Christmas CD
- watching poppa make supper 
in case he drops food on the floor
-the crouton poppa gives him while making supper 
-teasing momma by kissing poppa when she asks him
 for a kiss 
 -delivering poppa his articles that he writes after
 momma edits them
- taking recycle things to poppa


Jesse doesn't like

- loud rock and blues music
- momma and poppa leaving home without him
- baths and hair cuts
-going out into the rain
-the noise of skate boards  
-momma and poppa making a fuss over other dogs

How smart is Jesse?

-2 years in a row he knew the exact day of Christmas and
 when to open his Christmas gifts
-he knew what gifts were his and did not get them confused 
with other people's gifts
-knows the mail lady is coming down the street 3 to 5 minutes 
before she gets to our house
-knows when momma and poppa want to be alone in their room
so he on his own gets up and lays on love seat until he's told to 
come upstairs
-knows how to find particular places in our city like
 Johns barber shop
-brings a paper in his mouth from momma when she 
wants her morning coffee 
-knows too many words to count which makes momma 
and poppa have to spell, but even knows how to spell 
"park" and "walk"
-knows when it is around 8 PM when he gets 2 evening treats
-pees in a margarine container for poppa so back yard 
grass won't die
-knows how to find things when told "find...", like
momma's shoes - he goes and gets one shoe at a 
time and returns them to momma with them in 
his mouth
-knows how to whisper the word "please"
by one short little quiet bark  





Jesse's Routine

-has to bring paper in his mouth to poppa in morning 
so poppa can get momma coffee and Jesse a treat
-poppa barks as loud as he can when momma drives
 in the driveway from work
-he then runs into the house for a treat
-has to play after supper or else he bugs momma 
and poppa till someone plays with him
-getting a crouton at supper, 5 special treats 
after supper, and another treat at 8 PM
-gets a god-night kiss from poppa, stays with momma
for a while then comes to bed with poppa, momma
comes to bed later  
-stays in bed with momma in the morning till she gets up,
that is, after he tells poppa to get momma coffee. 


Our little buddy Jesse sadly lost his life at the hands of a vet's needle on November 11, 2016.
This was truly one of the saddest moments of my life, but it had to be done.  His back legs
we getting progressively weaker. His eyesight and hearing were not as good as they once
were, but, the final thing that made the decision was that he hurt his left leg sufficiently 
enough that he could no longer walk on it.  So, having weak back legs and only one good front
leg it made it almost impossible for him to rise from a laying down position.  He already had ligament 
replacement surgery on one of his back legs and he was too old for further surgery.  Jesse passed
away in the arms of my wife Dianne.  I thank Jesus for the 14 and a half years we had this 
little guy.  He was a tremendous blessing to us.       


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