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The following are some home-made recordings 
made from the Audacity software program.
  I don't claim to be the best of singer, because I'm far from it.
  I'm more of a back-up guitar player than anything else.  
All songs written by me unless otherwise stated. 
All instruments played by me. 
They are Martin D35, Yamaha nylon string, and Fender Strat guitar
Yamaha keyboard, harmonica, and banjo

You're My Favourite Memory Of All - on You Tube

 My Instrumental Music

Mizzy Lake - quiet - nature music - on YouTube

Flying Free - quiet instrumental - on YouTube

Thoughts of Joy - easy listening - on YouTube

A Restful Peace  - quiet instrumental - YouTube

Rock My World  - heavy rock - on YouTube

Flying On My Fender   - swing jazz - on YouTube

Finding His Rest  - soft and mellow

Voices From The Deep   - not sure what to call it  

Classical Guitar    -  classical - YouTube 

My Harmonica Joins In  - country - YouTube


My music with vocals - I'm not the best singer 

God Bless The Red, White, And Blue - folk  

Your Will - My Life - soft rock

Laodicea  - folk/rock

Going To Church Blues - version 2 - blues

Suzanne - folk - written by Leonard Cohen  

Judgment Day  rock

Wondering What You're Doing Tonight   folk

You Did Not Give To Me  - folk/rock

Wife Leaving Blues   blues

666  folk - written by Larry Norman 

Got To Serve Somebody - folk/rock - Bob Dylan

The Solution - rock


David And Goliath  -  my Kids CD - On YouTube

1 Intro

2 Introducing Sparky and Spunky

3 Treats

4 Theme Song

5 Pee Pee

6 The Story

7 Closing Song

To hear the whole David and Goliath c d at once 

click here


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