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I'm Sending You  


Christmas is when we think about God sending Jesus into the world, which reminds me of what Jesus said about Him sending us into the world.  Read John 20:21.  


"Again Jesus said, 'Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.'"


I'm sure we all agree that God sent Jesus into this world to live a life as one exhibiting sacrificial grace.  I think that the most holy and righteous God choosing to live among sinful humanity, and then suffering an atoning death on its behalf, had to have been a huge sacrifice motivated by grace that none of us deserve, but there is more. 


Right now in heaven, Jesus' very existence suggests a continued life of sacrificial grace.  When Jesus returned to heaven He did not return in the exact state of being in which He existed prior to His incarnation.  Romans 8:29 states that Jesus now exists as the first born of a brand new creation of beings.  John 1:1 tells us that prior to His incarnation Jesus wasn't just with God, as in beside Him, He was God.  That suggests a unified plurality within the Godhead that no longer exists.  Right now, Jesus sits alongside His Father on His own throne as a distinct new-creation personality, yet still in a divine unified plurality within the God head that is difficult to comprehend.  I, therefore, suggest that once entering humanity Jesus altered His very state of being for eternity, just for our benefit.  That is sacrificial grace.        


Besides the above, Revelation 5:6 tells us that right now and throughout eternity Jesus will be seen as a lamb that has been slain.  There is, then, something about Jesus that will remind us of His sacrificial death throughout eternity, a death motivated by grace that provided our salvation that we certainly do not deserve.      


John 20:21 implies that God sent Jesus into the world to live a life of sacrificial grace.  In like manner, it implies that Jesus sends us into the world to live a similar life of sacrificial grace.  Of course, our sacrifice certainly does not include our death to atone for the sin of humanity.  The apostle Paul confirmed this when he told you and I to be a living sacrifice which is our reasonable service (Romans 12:1). This is a pretty heavy-duty calling on our lives, so why do I not hear about this in today's watered-down evangelical gospel? 


All that I hear these days is invite Jesus into our hearts, get forgiven, and secure a place in heaven.  It is like saying become a Christian and live happily ever-after, or, get saved and carry on with your life.  That is not the Biblical gospel that tells us to repent, hand our lives over to Jesus our Lord, and obey His call on our lives.  I suggest we return to the very first gospel message ever preached.  There, Peter preached that Jesus is both Lord and Christ (Acts 2:36).  As Christ, He gives Himself to us.  As Lord, we give ourselves to Him, and in the process we live as those He has sent into the world as His representatives.        


So yes, remember that God sent Jesus into our world to live a life of sacrificial grace this Christmas, but also remember that Jesus has sent you into the world to live a similar life of sacrificial grace.  It's the best gift you can give anyone. 


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