Charles Henry Sweetman
1887 to 1984


Charles Henry Sweetman was born on Aug. 20, 1887, in Walthamstow, county of Essex, England.  He was born at 12 Alexander Rd.  His father's name was Albert.  His mother's name was Rose - maiden name Bush. I believe he came to Canada at the age of 16, all alone, in 1903.  He came by boat.  He landed in Quebec City; took a train to Montreal, and then another train to Toronto.  He was headed for London Ontario.  His father owned a coal company and one of his employees had a relative in London that my grandfather, Charles,  was going to look up.  While in the Union Station in Toronto, a farmer asked him if he wanted a job on his farm.  Grandpa took the job.  He met Florence, who became his wife.  Around this time he joined the Canadian National Railroad who he worked for all of his life, until he retired in Belleville, Ontario, where he also passed away in March, 1984.  He is buried in the Sweetman grave site at the Belleville cemetery.

Charles and wife Florence had 5 children.  Ross, Clifford, Ralph, Ruth, and Olive.    


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