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Paul And Women
'how Paul viewed women in a male dominated world

Paul was ahead of his time when it comes to women's rights
issues, something ultra-feminists routinely overlook in their 
unfair criticism of him.

Some of the books below are presently unavailable
but can be purchased on most Amazon platforms.  


My Journey Through The Ecclesiastical Maze
'my encounter with church in many of its varying aspects' 

I was born, raised, and spent my life, in that which most call church.  This book is my journey through what I call 'The Ecclesiastical Maze'.  From a Biblical perspective, I  address the doctrines, practices, and movements, I've encountered over the last 60 years.  I address such topics as, demons, tongues, healing, cults, the Shepherding Movement, the Apostolic Movement, the Jesus People and Charismatic Movement, the Holiness Movement, Sunday meetings, and more.  I set forth the Biblical position on what the Body of Christ really means.  This may challenge yours traditional view of church. 

written 2009 - revised 2014 - 165 pages  - 53,997 words long 


My Story
'a brief glimpse into my life'

For a more detailed look into my life you can read "My Journey Through The Ecclesiastical Maze".

written 2006 - 16 pages - 5735 words  



Misunderstood Bible Passages

In the process of being written as of Sep. 7, 2015


The Thousand Year Rule Of Jesus
temporarily unavailable
'what many don't know'

written 2014 - 22  pages -   6635 words


Through The Eyes Of Mary Magdalene
'forgiveness of sins through the eyes of Mary Magdalene'

written 2014, 13 pages, 4,371 words


From My Side Of The Fence 

temporarily unavailable 
'divorce, remarriage, and God's original intention'

Christians divorce at the same rate as non-Christians these days.  It's a subject that the church needs to address from a Biblical position.  Here is what I believe the Bible says about divorce, remarriage, and God's original intention.  It's also my personal story.

written 2011 - 129 pages - 32,818 words 



Rethinking The Baptism In The Holy Spirit

temporarily unavailable

 Iinitially wrote this back in the early 1990's.  I rewrote it in 2014 and am now rewriting it again in 2017.  I am Pentecostal by experience but not necessarily by doctrine.  Learn why when you read. 

written 1994 - revised 2014 and 2017- 32 pages long -  9933 words


Living In An Anti-Christ Culture
'lessons from the First Letter Of Peter'

I've attempted to address issues that relate to our culture becoming more anti-Christ in nature.  I relate certain verses  from Peter's first letter and apply them to our generation today, here in 2014.

written 2013 - 30 pages - 9132 words


The Politics of God and the Bible
presently unavailable.  

Many people don't like the word "politics", but the Bible has a lot to say about the subject.  It is important for Christians to understand from a Biblical perspective how they are to understand this issue, and, how they are to relate to the nation in which they live.   This book concerns God and His relation to the nations of the world. 

written 2011 - 60 pages - 18,455 words


The Abrahamic Covenant

presently unavailable

'the foundation to Biblical prophecy'

If you don't understand what the Abraham covenant is all about, you will certainly misunderstand Biblical prophecy. Hopefully you'll gain a much better understanding of one very important Biblical covenant as your read.

written 2014 - 28 pages - 7930 words


Hermeneutics - 'the art of Biblical interpretation'

Biblical illiteracy is one of the main problems in today's church. Part of the reason for this is that no church that I know has ever taught its people the common sense rules to interpreting the Bible.  I set forth just some basic rules and concept that you should know when you sit down and study your Bible, which, I hope you do.  

written 2007 - 64 pages - 19,305



Should You Tithe?
presently unavailable 

'what the Bible says about tithing'

How New Testament Christians should view the Old Testament Law Of Moses is one very misunderstood issue.  Typical Evangelical thinking is to simply pick and choose what laws to keep and what laws to throw out, something the Law does not permit us to do.  One law we've kept is tithing.  Should you tithe?  That's the question at hand. 

written 2008 - 34 pages - 10,961 words


Where The Church Goes From Here
'the church of the future'

How the church needs to think in the hays ahead as we feel the pressure from an anti-Christ culture. 

written 2014 - 21 pages - 7033 words




Plurality Of Elders
Temporarily Unavailable 

'New Testament teaching about church leadership'

Much of our modern day church has it wrong when it comes to who leads the local church.  Let's see what the Bible teaches about this  

written 2001 - 11 pages - 3226 words



Can You Judge
'what the Bible really says about judging others'

So often I hear Christians telling others not to judge.  They say the Bible tells us not to judge.  I beg to differ.  This is one very misunderstood Biblical al issues.  Read and see what I have to say. 

written in 2003 - 7 pages - 1,775 words


The Prosperity Gospel 
'the gospel to get' 

Is the so-called 'prosperity gospel' really the gospel?  What does the Bible say about our constant lust for me? 

written 2006 - 28 pages - 8029 words


Functional Relationships In The Body Of Christ 

What church is all about 

written 2006 - 12 pages - 3,291 words


The Galatian Problem - It Is Our Problem Too   written 1993 
    -approx. 16,000 words.  Self reliance, it is still our
      problem today.  

Our One And Only Door Of Faith   written 1994
     -approx. 10,000 words.  There is one way to be saved
       and there is only one way to get unsaved. 

The Trinity  written 1995
     -appox. 17,500 words.  A very uplifting and orthodox
     view of the Trinity.

The Indisputable Essence Of The Gospel written 2003 
Learn what the key doctrines of Salvation are - truths you must believe in order to be a Christian  

God's Love In Context   2010
    Many Christians today speak of God's love at the expense of His
    Almighty nature.  The book entitled The Shack, especially Ellul's
    quote in chapter 6 prompted me to write this booklet.     

The Seven Churches Of The Age Of Grace  - 2007
      The prophetic view to the seven church of Revelation. 

True Believers    written 1998
     Many people claim to be a true believer, but what is a true believer?   

Why Water Baptism   written 1997
     The basics about water baptism.

The Holy Spirit and Me   written 1999
     The Apostle Peter's experience with the Holy Spirit 

Just As I Am Yet Still As I Was    written 1999
      Why do people go to the alter to be saved and still remain the same old person.

Faithfulness In The Light Of Faith  written 2002
      We all know that we need to be faithful.  We should also  know that faithfulness presupposes a real faith in ones life.  What is real faith?  

In The Name Of Jesus  written 2003
     Are the words "in the name of Jesus" some kind of  magical formula or is there something more to these words? 

The Charismatic Movement - As I See It
These are just a brief few thoughts about the Charismatic Movement which I have been a part of for more than 30 years at this point.  Approx. 2500 words.




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