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Trying To Face The Inevitable


No one likes growing old, but it is inevitable.  The process of decay in our bodies that leads to our eventual death has been the human reality since the events that are recorded in Genesis 3.  We can name, claim, and declare victory over the aging process with all of the hyper-faith we can muster, but that changes nothing, and why?  The cross of Christ did not remove the decaying process of aging.  We all grow old and we all will die.          


With old age comes the aches, the pains, the illnesses, the doctor visits, the meds, and a variety of medical tests.  It has taken about seventy two years, but all of this is catching up to me.  So how do I try to handle it?     


I have accepted our post-Genesis 3 reality.  It has been burned into my brain and I've allowed it to sink into my soul whereby it is a Biblical conviction by whi8ch I live.    


I don't try to name, claim or declare the aging process away, but, during ongoing conversation with Jesus as is my daily routine, I remind Him how I'd appreciate some relief.  More importantly, I ask Him for grace as I age. 


I realize that grace, as it relates to God's interaction with us, is more than His unmerited favour directed our way.  Grace is also His divine ability given to me so I can accomplish His will in whatever situation I find myself.  It is this aspect of grace I ask of Jesus.  


Faith is trust and over the years I have tried to trust Jesus with all aspects of my life.  That includes any negative situations, like aging, that confront me.  Why should that change now that I'm old?


Now, with all the new-found, older-age limitations, I still desire to serve Jesus, and that I will do within the confines of these limitations.  I don't like it, but change in this respect is par for the aging course of life, but I'm used to limitations.  Being legally blind from birth has limited me from serving Jesus in ways I have desired.              


If I want to survive old age with a good measure of gracious satisfied contentment, I must draw on God's Spirit residing within me.  Failure in this respect will lead to failure to survive as I hope.     


No one likes to hear it, but it's God's will for us to grow old and die.  As in all aspects of life, preparation for this inevitability is important.  It's too late to prepare for the inevitable once it confronts us.  We prepare by eating right, exercising, taking our meds, creating a will, a power of attorney over finances and health, and more.  Just as important is being spiritually prepared by allowing God's nature to be formed into the fabric of who we are.            


In baseball terms, there are other things we can do to soften the fast-ball blow of old age as it pushes us off the home plate of life.  I like listening to all styles of music from all phases of my life.  Listening to songs from the past will flood me with fond emotion-filled memories that bring comfort and enjoyment.  The slow soothing sound of the steel guitar will bring a tear to my eye as it reminds me of my father.       


So, if I end up stuck in a nursing home, which I hope I won't be, just rip off those head phones from my ears and ask me if I have been able to practice what I have just preached.  Hopefully and prayerfully I can answer in the affirmative, but only time will tell if I succeed.


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