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ch. 10:1 - 11:1

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Danielís Vision Of A Man (ch. 10:1-21)

There are a couple of things to note before we delve into chapter 10.  One thing to note is scientific.  Science tells us that only four to five percent of all matter is visible to human beings.  Therefore, up to ninety five percent of all matter cannot be seen by man.  This means that there is much more to the physical matter than what we see or experience.  As a matter of fact quantum physicists are now discovering all sorts of sub-at0mic matter in this non-visible space.  Iíve always said that the spiritual world around us is just a real, if not more real, than our material world.  This invisible world might well be in the ninety five percent of unseen space. This chapter, as well as some of the earlier chapters, deals with angels and the universe in which they exist. 


Both the Greek and Hebrew word that is translated as "angel" in the Bible means "a messenger."  Therefore in English, when we think of angels, they are a messenger, either sent from God or the devil.  Most being in the Bible that are called angels are from God.   That being said, angels are ministering spirits according to Hebrews 1:14.  Angels can, and often do, take on the form of a human that makes them visible to humans.  Also, from I Corinthians 15 we see that angels have some type of celestial body that differs from ours.  It is hard to say what angels really look like in their most pure form.  The question can be asked, "When we see angels appear as men, is that how they really look, or do they just look like that so we can see them?"  I don't think angels really look like the way they appear to us, but I can't say for sure.  I've never seen an angel.   


In this chapter Daniel is very old.  He could well be in his early nineties.   


In verse 1 we see that the events of this chapter took place in the third year of Cyrus, king of Persia.  Israel was given permission to return to Jerusalem in Cyrusí first year of rule to rebuild the temple.  It thus appears that Daniel, maybe because of his age, did not return to Jerusalem.  He stayed in Babylon , although I bet you that he wished he could have relocated to his home town.


In verse 2 we see that Daniel had yet another vision, this time about a great war. 


In verses 2 and 3 we see Daniel was in the midst of a three week fast.  This fast wasnít a total fast.  In the Bible, fasting does not necessarily equate to not eating any food.  A fast could be total denial of food to partial denial of food.  Here in Danielís case, he did not eat any choice food, meat or wine.  This means that he did eat some food, but not the good food.  He also did not put any lotion on his body.  Thereís a good chance that Daniel prayed in sack-clothe and ashes, as was the custom back then.  At we know that this fast consisted of not cleansing himself and not using any type of deodorant.  This is all part and parcel of humbling oneís self when coming to the Lord in a fast.  Fating in the Old Testament was mainly a demonstration of repentance.   The shabbier you looked, the more your shabbiness showed true repentance, or, at least that was the thinking.  


In verses 4 to 6 we see Daniel standing on the banks of the Tigris River that flowed into the Euphrates River.  He sees a man, who is really an angel.  Because of the way that Daniel describes this angel scholars are divided.  Half believe this is really pre-incarnate Jesus while the other half believes this is an angel.  I personally feel at this time that this man was an angel, due to the fact that he had a twenty one day battle in order to get to Daniel.  Iím not sure Jesus would have had to fight such a battle.  Besides, we will see that Daniel actually tells us who this man was.   


Verse 7 should remind you of Acts 9 when the apostle Paul saw the light and heard the voice of Jesus.  He was afraid and so was Daniel.  It is a terrifying thing to see and angel no matter whom you are.  Again, I've never seen an angel, but I believe it would be a scary thing.  We see the same with John in the book of Revelation.  John fell as if he were dead.  That's how terrifying seeing an angel was to him.    


In verses 8 through 9 we see that Daniel was so overwhelmed that he fell on his face into a deep sleep.  Then in verse 10 the hand of the angel touches Daniel.  He gets up to his knees while his body trembles and listens to the angel.  The angel told Daniel to stand up and to listen to him very carefully.  Daniel did as the angel told him.


In verse 12 the angel tells Daniel that since the first day that Daniel put himself to gain understanding and humble himself in fasting; he had left heaven in answer to Daniel's prayers.  One thing we note here is that part of the reason, if not the whole reason, why Daniel fasted was to gain understanding.  We often think fasting is to pray for God to answer certain prayers, yet in this case Daniel wanted understanding.  I think that's worth praying for.


We should also note that it took twenty one earth days for this angel to actually get to Daniel, which is amazing in itself, knowing that angels seem to be able to just appear before our eyes.  In verse 13 we see the reason why it took the angel twenty one days to get to Daniel.  This sheds lots of light on the invisible spiritual world around us.


The angel told Daniel that the "prince of the kingdom of Persia " delayed him, and that Michael, one of the three important angels named in the Bible, had to come and help this angel out.  This angel apparently could not deal with the situation on his own.  This tells us that not all angels are of the same rank or have the same strength.   It is apparent from Scripture that angels do fall into a certain ranking. 


This verse also tells us that there are fights in the heavenly realm.  As a matter of fact, I believe the real battles of the universe don't take place here on earth but in the angelic realm.


Who is this prince of the kingdom of Persia ?  Thereís no real controversy here.  First of all, it's clear that this prince is an opposing angel.  He is clearly on the side of the devil.  He is the spirit that affects the affairs of the kingdom of Persia.    


This tells us something else about the spirit world.  At least in this case, and we see it in the next verse as well, Persia had a demon working behind the scenes calling the shots.  Cyrus may well have been the earthly king of Persia, but without him knowing, there was a demon influencing him and his nation.   


The question can then be asked, "Do all nations have demonic forces influencing them?"  The answer is probably "yes."  In the beginning God told Adam to subdue the earth.  This simply means that God put Adam in charge of this planet.  Man was given the responsibility over the kingdoms of the earth, yet when Adam gave into satanís temptation, he gave this responsibility over to satan.  This is why satan came to Jesus in the great temptation and showed him the kingdoms of the world and said if Jesus would worship him, heíd give Jesus all these nations of the world.  Of course Jesus didnít worship satan because He knew that Heíd inherit these kingdoms in the long run anyway, which He will at the Battle of Armageddon.  For this reason Jesus calls satan the "prince of this world".  


This angel finally gets to Daniel and he tells Daniel that this vision concerns his people, the Jews.  We know for certain that this vision does not concern Gentiles, as the first two visions of Daniel did.


Once again, in verse 15 we see the strength leaving Danielís body.  He bows and becomes speechless.  


In verse 16 this angel touches the lips of Daniel so he can speak.  Daniel calls this angel "lord," thus is one reason why some people think this is Jesus.  Lord was most likely a title of distinction, especially since Daniel is so overwhelmed.  Part of Daniel being so overwhelmed is that he is full of anguish over the vision he has seen.  He tells the angel that heís pretty well out of strength.  True prophets are often pretty well out of strength at times because they so overwhelmed by the burden of the Lord.   


In verse 18 to 20 the angel touches Daniel and gives him the strength that he needs.  Daniel then tells the angel to go ahead and speak to him the things he needs to hear.


In verse 20 the angel asks Daniel if he knows why he has come to speak to him.  It is fairly clear that Daniel probably knows that the angel will help explain the vision.  Before the angel does he tells Daniel that he will return to heaven but on his way heíll have to fight against this prince of the kingdom of Persia , as he did on the way to Daniel.  Then he goes on to say that he will be confronted by another prince after that and this prince demon is the prince of Greece .  This prince is the demon behind the future kingdom of Greece that would take over from the Medes and Persian a couple hundred years after this point in time.  This tells us something more about the spiritual world. The prince of Greece was already to fight long before Greece came into being.  The prince of Greece was working towards building his kingdom a couple hundred years before there was a Kingdom of Greece. 


We also learn here that the angelic world is in a battle.  This is a real battle.  Battles between men and nations on earth will always be, but they pale in relation to the spiritual battles that take place in the spiritual universe. The truth of the matter is that our earthly battles wonít end until these heavenly battles end.  The reason why we have the earthly battles is because of these heavenly battles.  We are part of the battle ground for the battle between the angels.  Thatís basically why Jesus, in Matthew 24,  says that weíll always have wars, right up to the end of this age.   


We now come back to how I opened this chapter.  What we see in the material world around us is only five percent of real matter.  The other ninety five percent is what scientists call "dark matter."  Itís dark because we canít see it.  I believe this dark matter is the angelic or spiritual world.  Thereís more to the spiritual world than there is to the material world in which we live.  We are just a small part of God's creation, yet being so small, we are greatly loved by Him.


The angel says one last thing to Daniel in this chapter and that is he was going to tell Daniel what was in the Book of Truth.  This Book of Truth stands beside the Book of Life and the Books that have all our activities recorded in.  Whether itís literal or a figurative book, God only knows.  He has books that contain certain knowledge. This Book of Truth was now going to be opened to Daniel so he could understand.  This book contains the history of man, both past and future.  The opening of this book takes place in the next chapter when the angel sets out detailed history of the next two hundred (200) or so years beyond Danielís time that concludes with the anti-Christ appearing in history.


The angel told Daniel that only Michael supported him in his battle with the prince of the kingdom of Persia .  Just why others didnít support this angel is not known, so we don't know and can't speculate.


We see a couple of interesting truths in this last verse.  First of all we see that Michael is called "your prince".  This is in connection with the prince of Persia and the Prince of Greece.  These two princes as demons who hold sway over these two world kingdoms.  Michael, however, is the prince of Danielís people, the Jews.  He is the prince of Israel .  God has a special angel over His special nation.  I can't say for sure at the moment, but it  might be possible that God has a special angel over all nations.  One thing I do believe is that Michael, right now in 2014, has a close eye on the nation of Israel. 


The other point that is seen in this last verse is that this angel that spoke with Daniel took his stand with Darius the king.  This suggests that this good angel who was speaking with Daniel had a roll in influencing and supporting Darius the king.  This might give credence to the idea that God has special angels over all nations.


We need to note that scholars are somewhat divided to whom Darius is.  Some say he is actually Cyrus.  Darius is an obscure king in world history.  Nevertheless, this angel was influencing Darius for the good of Israel.

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