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Isaiah 15

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A Prophecy Against Moab (ch. 15;1 16 14)   


Moab was a son of Lot.  Lot's daughters had no husbands after fleeing Sodom.  They got their father Lot drunk and while drunk, they had sex with him.  Moab was born to one of Lot 's daughters.  Lot was the father.


Moab is to the south east and south west of the Dead Sea .  It is mostly in modern day Jordan.


Ruth, of the Old Testament book of Ruth named from her, was a Moabite woman.  One very important woman in history, especially because she was in the lineage of Jesus, was a Moabite gentile.


Again, in verse 1 we have the word "oracle' in the NIV.  The KJV rightly uses the word "burden".  "Burden" better reflects the contextual meaning here.  What Isaiah would say about Moab is burdensome to say.  It's also burdensome for Moab to experience. 


In Jeremiah 48, Jeremiah, some 100 years later prophesies against Moab as well.


The judgment we see against Moab here was fulfilled when Assyria swept down and overthrew her. 


I will not comment on every verse in this chapter. 


In verse 2 when it speaks of "every head shaved and every beard cut off", this is in reference to the men of Moab being totally disgraced.  To shave in that culture was a sign of disgrace.


Nebo, in verse 2, is both a town and a mountain.  The mountain is where Moses viewed the promised land but was not permitted to enter.


Zoar, in verse 5, was one of the towns slaved when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  


Verse 6 shows how devastating God's judgment was on Moab.  The entire area became a wasteland.  Even to this very day, much of the land in Jordan is a wasteland, except for that which has been cultivated.



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