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ch 12:1-9    Ch. 12:10-31

Jerusalem To Be Destroyed (ch.12:1 - 9)


Verse 1 tells us that this chapter is directed specifically to Israel.  We don’t have to guess or figure this out.


Also in verse 1 we learn three things about our God.   We first learn that He stretches out the heavens. This statement is interesting since it is a matter of physics and science. It is the common understanding that the universe is progressively expanding.  So when this verse says that the heavens are presently being stretched, this confirms what modern science says about our ever expanding universe.  Note also the present tense of the word “stretches.”   This is an ongoing process.


The second thing we learn about God in verse 1 is that He lays the foundation of the earth. Here to we have the present tense of the word “lies.”   God is still active in the very foundation of our earth.  I’m not sure how or what that looks like, but it means He has not stepped back from the physical aspect of our planet.  He is still actively involved in the creative process, maybe deep in the earth centre of the earth where man has never been.  Deisism is not Biblical thinking.  A Deist is one who believes that God created all things but now has stepped back from His creation and let’s creation carry on and evolve as it wishes.  


The last thing we learn about God in this verse is that He forms the spirit within man.  Once again we note the present tense in the word “forms.”  Every baby that is born has the spirit of life blown into him or her, and I’d say at conception.


In verse 2 we see that God Himself is going to make Jerusalem a place that will send the surrounding nations reeling.  Both Judah and Jerusalem will be sieged.  Israel, and especially Jerusalem, will be the centre of international conflict and war as the end of this age closes down. 


Note it's the "surrounding nations" that will be sent reeling because of Jerusalem.  If we take these words literally, "surrounding nations" wouldn't seem to be all the entire world.  Therefore, these words "may" be speaking of the Arab and Muslim nations that presently surround Israel now.  It may be those nations in the Ezekiel 38 and 39 war.  Whether this verse is speaking of this war is hard to say, at least at the moment. 


Verse 3 tells us that on that day, or the time of the end, all nations will be gathered together against Jerusalem.  Yet God also says that He’ll make Jerusalem like an unmovable rock and any nation that tries to do harm to Jerusalem will “be injured” in the process.  Right now, in 2009 we see the beginning of this happening.  All nations will fight against Israel and Jerusalem, but will fail and be injured in the long run.


In verse 4 we see God saying that He will “keep a watchful” eye over Israel.  He is doing that right now.  His eyes are on Israel.  He sees what is happening, as He says here.  When the time comes for the nations to attack His people, He will bring confusion to the attackers.  He will drive them mad.  The enemies of Israel will not succeed in their attempt to destroy God’s people.


In verse 5 we see what Paul concludes in his discourse on Israel in Romans 9 through 11.  God says that on this day Israel will finally be strong because the Lord Almighty is their God.  There are two sides to this.  God is with Israel, and Israell will have repented in order for God to have made them strong. Israel will finally be what God set them out to be.


Verse 6 tells us that in that day Israel will consume the surrounding nations and that Jerusalem will be in tact.  Jerusalem will not be destroyed by its enemies.  When God says that Israel will overtake the surrounding nations, this might well be in reference to them getting the land they were originally promised, which they don’t have now.  When God promised Abraham a certain portion of land, He will give it to them “on that day.”


We see the words “on that day” often in this chapter.  God wants us to know that all this will happen on a specific day. This doesn’t necessarily mean a day of twenty four hours, but the time period of the end.  Of course, it will all end on one certain day, but all that happens at the end of this age takes time.  This time period is called "the Day of the Lord" in the Bible. The Day of the Lord is seen in two ways.  It is seen in a period of time and also in one twenty four hour day.


God says in verse 7 that He will save the people in Judah first.  As in most cases, at least in Zechariah, Judah refers to Israel.  It appears from this verse that God will save  Israel before Jerusalem.  The nation comes first. The city comes second, but both will be saved. And we certainly don’t know about any time period between these two aspects of Israel’s salvation.  It could be a matter of moments.


In verse 8 we learn that on that day God will shield those living in Jerusalem and the feeble ones in the city will be very strong.  This might suggest that as God is saving the nation of srael first, He’ll protect the city of Jerusalem.


Verse 9 says that on that day God will destroy all the nations that attack Jerusalem. Not only will the nations be damaged as we saw earlier in this chapter, but they will be destroyed. Except if there is an attack from the sky, it is obvious that Israel ’s enemies would cross over the border first on land.  This might be why God saves the nation before the city of Jerusalem first.  He wipes them out before they get to the city. 



Mourning For The One They Pierced (ch. 12:10 - 13)


In verse 10 we see a divine act of God.  He says that on that day He’ll “pour out a spirit of grace and supplication” on Israel.  This grace means that God will have grace and mercy towards the Jews.  Yet He will also pour out a spirit of supplication.  Supplication is a humble spirit of prayerful repentance.  God Himself will help Israel repent.  He’ll make the situation during the Great Tribulation for Israel to fall on their knees before Him in repentance.  Israel will repent, and God will be gracious to them.


When it comes to individual repentance, I believe the same is true.  God needs to help us repent as we come to Him with the willingness to repent.  We all need to seek God for a spirit of supplication.


God, and I say God, also says in verse 10, “they will look on me, who they have pierced.”  This is an important verse because God says that the Jews pierced Him.  How could that be?  They pierced Jesus, not God.  Well, clearly this speaks to the deity of Christ. 


We should also think about the word “pierce” here.  If this refers to the piercing of Jesus’ side while on the cross, it wasn’t the Jews who pierced Jesus.  It was the Roman soldiers.  Yet it was the Jews who brought Jesus to the Roman soldiers to be pierced.  If not for the Jews, Jesus would not have been pierced.


The last part of verse 10 shows us the depth of the Jews repentance.  They will grieve and mourn once they see their Messiah.  They will grieve and mourn as if they had lost their only child.  This is true repentance. 


One thing we should note here is that Israel’s grieving is associated with the one they have pierced.  It seems to me that these Jews will see the nail prints in the hands of Jesus as He returns.  It will suddenly dawn on them that it was they who killed their Messiah years earlier.  I’m convinced, and especially as you see Jesus as the Lamb of God in Revelation 5, that Jesus will have the nail prints in His body throughout all of eternity, all because He loved us.


In verse 11 we see there is great weeping in Jerusalem .  We see the plain of Megiddo mentioned here.  This is in reference to King Josiah’s death when there was great weeping in Jerusalem.  There will be great weeping and crying in the city of Jerusalem for the sins of Israel.  This is true repentance, and this is why Israel will be saved.


In verses 11 and 12 we see that all the clans, or all the families of Israel will mourn.  And it’s not only the head of the house that mourns.  The wives mourn as well.  This is the greatest national revival in all of history and it comes to Israel , and so Paul is right when he says that all Israel will be saved.

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