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What Should A Disciple Learn?


If you are a disciple of Jesus, meaning, one who is learning from Him, then what type of things should you be learning, and from whom?

First and foremost we should learn from Jesus by His Holy Spirit who He has given us.  Yet beyond the Holy Spirit Jesus can teach us through other people.  These people can be teachers, or other leaders in the church.  These people can also be our brothers and sisters in Jesus.  Jesus is not limited in whom He chooses to teach us. 

Modern day learning is much different than that of the first century, and maybe resulting in complications.  In Paul's day people learned from people like Paul directly, either verbally or in writing.  There teachers were limited in numbers.   Yet today we have many different sources of learning.  We have books, cd's, tapes, TV, internet, and so on.  Whereas people in the early church could only learn from a few, we have access to thousands of people on the internet to learn from. Jesus can use all of these varying sources. 

Yet the questions should be asked, "what are we to learn"?  Or, "what should the teaching consist of"?  Many people teach many things that may be beyond the scope of what Jesus taught. 

In some circles teachers may teach or disciple people how to buy stock, how to buy cars, and how to do all sorts of things.  To me it is clear what constitutes Biblical discipleship.  We should be taught the things Jesus taught His disciples.  Beyond these things, we should not include into discipleship.

It is okay to help a person to know how to buy a house.  It is okay to help people understand lots of things, but this should not be included in what constitutes  discipleship.  This type of thing is simply being properly joined in the body of Christ.  Those to whom you are joined to can help you in all sorts of areas of life.  Yet in the discipling process, you teach only the things that Jesus clearly taught.  This is the intent of the great commission in Matt. 28.  Jesus told His disciples to "disciple all nations ... teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you".  Simple as that.

Anything beyond what Jesus has taught may be helpful to us all, but can't be included in the  discipleship process.  If it is included, the process can easily becomes, and has become dictatorial and cultish.  



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