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God's Word Deep In Our Hearts

"Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly..."
- Colossians 3:16

This is one short scripture that packs a great truth in     its simplicity.

Let the Word of Christ dwell, reside, or live within you. What does this mean? First of all I believe that it means we need to read the Bible and understand it as best we can. We need to read, reread, remember, dissect and study it from cover to cover. We need a good mental understanding of what it is saying to us in order for it to bring change to our lives.

Secondly, after the Word has penetrated our thinking it should sink down into our hearts, where our emotions, will, and desires are found. God's Word needs to touch these areas of our lives. When it does we find that we have strong conviction. It is not merely something we understand, but something we feel. It is only at this stage where the Word of Christ can bring change to our lives.

I think of the three Hebrew men in Daniel who said that even if God doesn't deliver them, they would still believe in Him and serve Him. This kind of statement of conviction cannot come from the mind alone. This is a statement born well within the cavities of the heart.

We can make this statement from a mental standpoint. Yet as we read, meditate, and allow the Spirit of God to make His Word real in our hearts, we then can make such a statement with deep emotion, and great meaning.

Where are you on the path of letting God's Word live in you? Are you at the stage of regular Bible reading? Are you remembering what you read? Do you understand what you read? Are you dissecting His Word to see how it can be applied to your life? Is the Word sinking into your heart? Is it beginning to touch your feelings, your emotions, your will?  Is it taking root and producing positive actions in your way of living. 

Can you see the progression that I am pointing out to you.  Step by step, day by day, His Word is becoming part of the very fabric of your life. At this point nothing can shake us from our beliefs and love of God.

Does His Word live in your heart, or does it simply come to visit?


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