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"And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others."
- 2 Timothy 2:2

The above verse is taken from the NIV and uses the word reliable, while the KJV among other versions use the word faithful. Both words are acceptable, yet I like the word faithful in this case because it comes from the word faith.

Faith is fundamental in our lives as Christians, and of course faithfulness is a derivative of faith.   It should be no surprise then that the Lord wants faithfulness to be found in our lives. 

True Christian faithfulness results from real faith. If you have faith in the Lord, sooner or later that will produce faithfulness in your life.

What does being faithful mean? To me it means loyalty. You are loyal to the Lord, to your spouse, and to your family and friends. You don't jump around from one Lord to another, or from one spouse to another. You stick with them through thick and thin.

Faithfulness means that you can be trusted. If someone entrusts something to you, whether it be financial, something spoken in confidence, or their very life, then you will treat that which is entrusted with respect. This means your spouse knows that he or she is yours and yours alone.

Faithfulness means that you are reliable. If you say that you will do something, it is as good as done. Your word has great value, and is backed by appropriate actions.

Faithfulness is an important quality to have that produces good fruit. It produces strong, and healthy relationships. It makes people want to love and care for you. It makes your life run smoother, with less problems, because you are not unfaithful, unreliable, or irresponsible.                     

Every good characteristic that you have, including faithfulness will return to you in ways that will enrich your life, as well as others. That sounds good doesn't it? Is it worth it to allow the Lord to produce this quality in you? Has your faith produced faithfulness in your life? 


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