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"The Life and Times Of Jesus"
by Alfred Edershaim (1825 - 1889)

Alfred Edersheim is one of the most scholarly Jewish Christians of the last couple hundred years.  I first discovered his books in the mid 1970's while at Bible college.  I highly suggest "The Life and Times of Jesus" to be read by all.  It's sad to say, but most Christians today avoid such scholarly books.  That's to the detriment of their Biblical understanding, which, should form the base of their lives.  If we read anything today, it's trite little novels that seldom have any real Biblical content.  This is not one such book.   

If you ever want to understand the meaning to what the New Testament says, especially all that Jesus said and did, you must understand the cultural setting of each verse in the New Testament.  Edersheim does a fantastic job in filling in the cultural details for us in such detail that it will surely boggle your mind.  

It has taken me a while to work through, but the book's 732 pages with more than 6,000 footnotes will do wonders for your understanding of the New Testament.  This book would have cost more than $30.00 back in the mid 1970's from my Bible college book store.  I purchased it in Kindle form from Amazon for less than $2.00.   

If you attempt to understand the Bible from our 21st century reference point, you will surely misunderstand the Bible.  Do yourself a favour and check this book out.    




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