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Christianity, Islam, and Atheism 

by William Kilpatrick

I highly recommend this book.  There are only 2 points I'm not in agreement with.  The author is soft on the pope and he does not place Israel in prophetic history as I do.  Other than that, this book is a must to read for Christians living in our western culture.  

Kilpatrick slams the common ground movement (Islam and Christianity are more alike than different) being promoted by certain Christians today. He speaks to our present multiculturalism that enables Islam to grow into the dominant culture in the West.  He speaks to the femininization of western culture and the loss of Biblical patriarchal Christianity. He points out the downfall of atheism that has paved the way for our secular tolerant culture that in turn has caused the rise of Islam in the West.   

This book will cause you to become disgusted with the way our western world is heading.       


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