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Killing Lincoln

by Bill O'Reilly


I am a Canadian that has a keen interest in American history.  I lived in the state of Virginia from 1980 through 1984.  One can't live in Virginia, especially in the Washington D C suburb of Vienna, and, Richmond, the capital of the confederate south, without being surrounded by America's past.  


Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly is a riveting book.  I listened to it on audio C D.  I sat back, closed my eyes, and watched the events unfold in the imaginations of my mind.  Like other "killing" books O'Railly has written, this book is a must to read.  


I've read "Killing Jesus" by O'Reilly, and now "Killing Lincoln".  I makes me feel like reading his other "killing books" now.  Killing Kennedy might be next on my list.          


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