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Killing Jesus 
by Bill Oreily 

It wasn't my idea to purchase this book.  My wife downloaded on our Kindle to read, so I decided to read it as well.   I don't know much about Bill Oreily other than he is a Fox News commentator.  I've subsequently learned that he is a Catholic.  I haven't really trusted news people or Catholics when it comes to Biblical issues.  On the first page Oreilly said something I did not agree with and thought, "here goes. What else will he say nex"?  He said that the Bible was a spiritual book, not a book of history.  It is a book of history. 

Oreilly has proved me wrong, at leas with him.  He did a very good job of writing about the culture that Jesus lived in and the life of Jesus Himself. 

Oreilly admits that his book is not a religious book in the sense that he is evangelizing, and that's fine.  

I'd suggest this is a good book to read.   




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