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Two Kinds Of Faith 

E. W. Kenyon

It has been said that E. W. Kenyon is the father of modern day 'Hyper Faith' teaching.  He died in 1914.  He wrote many books.  This is the only one that I've read and I read it to see what he had to say on the subject of faith.  


I can certainly see how modern cy Hyper Faith teacher teach what they do, that is, if they follow Kenyon's train of thought. 


This book has not convinced me, neither has it persuaded me, to embrace Hyper Faith teaching. 


He does teach, 'don't take your medicine if you have real faith'.  


The one glaring point he makes is that from my understanding of the Greek in John 14:13 where Jesus said "ask" anything in my name and you will receive it; he misunderstands the word 'ask'.  He says the original Greek word means 'demand'.  You can demand your rights from Jesus because you stand on equal ground with Him.  There is certainly a Greek word that means that, but it is not used in John 14:13.  The Greek word used in John 14:13, 'aiteo' means to ask, even beg, from a person more important than the one asking.  The word 'demand' is not appropriate in this verse. 


There is more that I could say but I won't.  I would not recommend this book unless you are well versed in the Bible.  What he says sound right, sounds good, but not everything that sounds right or good is right or good.  The unlearned might well end up believing wrong doctrine.  

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