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by Randy Alcorn


This is a pretty long book - more than 500 pages.  At time I was a bit board, but that doesn't mean you will be board.  Everyone wants to know about Heaven, but I'm not convinced the Bible says as much about Heaven as Alcorn suggests.  He admits that he is speculating at times, even though he basis his speculation on Scripture. 


There is one major point I agree with Alcorn on and that is Christians will not spend eternity in Heaven.  It is clear from the book of Revelation that we will spend eternity on the new earth, and Alcorn agrees.  


One of Acorn's basic points concerns the word "continuity".  He believes, and he might well be right, that there is a continuity between this present earth and the new earth.  By that he means all that we know of on this present earth will exist in perfect form on the new earth.  From this he suggests many things that may or may not end up being the case. 


I believe at times he confuses Old Testament passages that I believe speak of the 1000 year rule of Christ on earth.  He believes these passages speak of the new earth.  I believe some of them speak of the 1000 year rule of Christ. 


Although the Lake of Fire is not the topic at hand in his book, he does talk about hell, a word that I believe we should remove from our Christian vocabulary because our western concept of hell is not the New Testament's concept.  The confusion began with the KJV Bible and it's use of the word "hell"  When the wicked die, technically speaking, they go to Hades, not hell as the KJV states.  After the White Throne Judgment they go to the Lake of Fire.  


Anyway, you might like this book.  It may make you think about things you haven't thought about before.  Alcorn may be right in most of what he says, but on the other hand, maybe he'll be wrong.      


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