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by Jonathan Cahn

I would recommend this book to everyone and all.  I listened to the audio version. 

I knew of the book before I listened to it.  I was skeptical.  I thought Cahn was doing some poor hermeneutics on Isaiah 9:10, the basis for this book.  But, as I listened to the book I came to realize that he, like I, understood Isaiah 9:10 to be written to the northern kingdom of Israel.  So I had no problem there. 

What Cahn does is relate, phrase by phrase, Isaiah 9:10 to the falling of the Twin Towers on 911.  It is amazing, maybe ironic, maybe prophetic, how closely related Isaiah 9:10 is to 911.  Cahn makes this connection very convincingly.  He also connects 911 to the economic crises of 2008.  

There's too much to say about this amazing book, other than , read it for yourself.  It should put a spirit of seriousness and soberness within you about the future of America, God's judgment on America, and really, the rest of the western world. 

You won't be disappointed with this book. 


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