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 Captured In Iran


by Mariam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh


If you're interested in learning more about Iran's Even Prison and how the Iranian regime treats prisoners, and in this case, prisoners for Jesus, this is another good book to read.  


In 2014 as I write these words President Obama and the western world seem captivated by a new found openness by Iran.  It's hard to say that this openness is real or a fake to trick the western world.  I personally put no hope in Iran being more open to western influence.  I see Iran staling for time hoping to have the western world release the economic restrictions that are hurting her badly.  


Israel is still Iran's enemy.  America is still the Great satan, and Christians are still hated infidels. 


One thing I like about this book is how the two imprisoned girls conducted themselves before their Iranian interrogators.  They spoke kindly, but they refused to back down.  They spoke their faith to the Iranian officials every chance they had, knowing that would make things worse for them.  Beyond that, they even questioned these officials concerning the wrong that was being done to them.  They'd often say such things as "what's wrong with that", putting the authorities on the defensive.  They remind me of the apostle Paul before the Roman authorities.   


This book is worth reading.  It will clue you in a bit more concerning the life of Christians in a very anti-Christian Islamic nation.  The storyline in the book is a true story.  It begins in the year 2009 and concerns two young women who are arrested for sharing Jesus with others.        

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