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 Is God On America's Side?

by Erwin Lutzer


While growing up in Evangelical circles I heard little to nothing about how God deals with nations.  Even though the Bible speaks tons about this issue, it was seldom spoken of in church.  This is now beginning to change, and Erwin Lutzer is helping this change along.  


God does concern Himself with the nations of the world?  He certainly does.  He blesses nations and He curses nations.  I am not an American.  I am a Canadian, and as Canadian, looking from a distance into America, I sometimes feel that American Christians think that America can do no wrong because she is God's chosen nation.  That is far from the truth.  Israel is the only nation in human history that God has chosen to be special.  


Lutzer expands on this thinking in this book.  He points out that God does bring down nations and the United States is no exception.   This book is worth reading.  


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