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What Would Jesus Do?

We often hear people ask the question when confronted with certain issues, "what would Jesus do?  To put it simply, this is not a good question to ask.

The reason why it is not a good question is because each of us have a different idea of who Jesus is and what He would do and say.  If you ask five people, "what would Jesus do", you might get five different answers.  Each person has his own mental concept of Jesus.

I had a discussion with someone concerning whether Jesus would go into a bar and talk to someone about salvation.  I believed that He would, while the other person believed that He wouldn't. 

We should develop our ideas about Jesus from a sound understanding of what the Bible says about Jesus. The problem is that many do not take the time to have such a clear understanding of the Bible.

I have just seen signs on the television suggesting that Jesus would not fight in Iraq, or any other war as far as that goes.   How do we know that?

There is another point to think about.  When Jesus was on earth, He was on earth to do and to say things concerning the ministry He had.  His present day ministry, as Lord of the universe is different than His ministry when He was on earth.  When asking the question, "what would Jesus do, does this mean, what would He have done while on earth, or what will He do now as Lord of all things.  I think most people who ask this question think about what He would have done on earth.  He is not on earth any longer.

One thing we do know concerning Jesus and war is that  there will come a time when His wrath and anger will be poured out in great terror.  He will have revenge on those who have neglected His Great Salvation. 

Let us not ask, "what would Jesus do, but let us ask, "what do we understand the Bible to say"?  The Bible is the guide book that Jesus has given us to help us come to grips with the issues of our day.    This approach takes away much of our subjectivity on issues and puts the emphases on God's objective Word.

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