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written 2006

Is Tongues For Today?

We don't have to look far into the book of Acts to see someone speaking in tongues.  Yes, the second chapter of Acts records the first experience of tongues in the church.  Men and woman were giving praise to God in languages that weren't their own.  People were hearing these words in their language and many of them thought the believers were drunk.  Yet Peter says that they weren't drunk, and that this was a fulfillment of prophecy by the prophet Joel.  

There is 2 types of tongues, one, as in the example above where people speak in a language that is not their own as a testimony to God. The other is a prayer language.  You can read all about this in Paul's letter - 1 Cor. 14. Paul says that he will "pray in the Spirit" - in context this is tongues.  

The book of Acts has a number of incidences where people speak in tongues.  The question to be asked is this, "did this tongues end with the first generation church as some suggest". 

My clear answer is simple, no!  

I know what Paul says in 1 Cor. 13:10, "when perfection comes that which is imperfect will pass away".  Clearly, the  perfection spoken about here is the resurrected life after Jesus returns to earth.  It is not the Bible as some suggest. 

There is no specific verse that tells us that tongues, or any gift of the Spirit has ceased.  Such thinking is only a result of very poor Biblical interpretation.  We need to be clear on what the Bible actually says, and not put words in its mouth.     



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