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Tolerance or Love

Surveys now show that roughly 62% of post secondary students believe that there are no "absolutes in life".   Because of this belief in no absolute truth they must believe in being tolerant to everyone.  If there is no definite statement of right or wrong, then everyone is right in their own thinking.

Our society is not consistent in our thinking concerning tolerance.  Our schools teach that there is no tolerance in math or physics for example.  Two plus two will always equal four.  It will never equal five.  If there is no tolerance in math, why is there tolerance in our moral belief system?  Is this inconsistent, or am I wrong in my thinking?

Did Jesus tell us to tolerate our brother, our enemy?  No, He told us to love our brother and our enemy. There is a difference between love and tolerance.  Love lifts up a Godly standard to live by, and encourage others to do so also.  Tolerance merely encourages people to live the way they want without any idea of the results of their choices.

As Christians we believe in absolutes.  We believe in one God, one Lord.  We believe He has one standard for us to live by.  Therefore we do live by this standard and promote it in our society.   Yes we do show grace to those who are in the growing process, yet showing grace is not tolerance.  Love demands that we show the truth to others in such a way that hopefully they will see it, understand it and want to follow it in their own lives. 

At times in Christian history we have not done a good job in promoting the truth as we know it.  We may have come across to people as ungracious and arrogant.  In humility and love it is our responsibility to show to the world the truth of the gospel.   

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