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God And The Wife

What I have to say in this article is a personal observation and a generalization and may not apply in everyone.     

I recently heard someone say, "God told me to do this".  We often hear statements like this from Christians.  That is to say, "God said this", "God is good",  "God did this", and so on.  Many Christians use the word God and seldom use the name Jesus, or even the title of Father.

Have you ever heard men say, "the wife told me to do this".  Or, "the wife is waiting in the car".  The words "the wife" seem so impersonal, don't you think.  I don't use these words myself, and I really don't think husbands who really respect their wives should use them either.  It does show a lack of respect.  It certainly shows a lack of "personal love and care" for the man's wife.  What would be better to say is, "my wife is waiting in the car".  The words "my wife"  are much more personal, and shows that you actually have a relationship with your wife.  You wonder what kind of relationship the man has with his wife when he calls her "the wife".  

The word God, especially in our culture is very generic, very impersonal.  When people constantly  say, "God told me, or God this, or God that", it is very similar to saying "the wife ..."  You wonder as well what kind of relationship they have with God. 

God personalized Himself in Jesus.  Jesus is God in human flesh.  God did a lot to communicate with us and to get personal with us.  Let's do the same in return.  Let's get personal with God.  As we begin to get personal with Him we will change our words and our attitudes.  We will talk about God in terms of Jesus, or our Father more than in general terms of simply God.  

The crux of the New Testament is that God became "flesh and lived among us" while Jesus was on earth. When Jesus ascended back to His Father He gave us His Holy Spirit.  The reason why we have the Spirit of God is so that we can be united in fellowship with God.  We can become affectionately personal with God.  As a wife doesn't want to be known as "the wife", I am not sure our God wants an impersonal label attached to Him as well.   When we have a good relationship with our wives, our words and actions will show that.  The same with Jesus.  Yes, God is God.  Yet as Paul puts it so many times, the God we serve is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  When we have a personal relationship with our Father and with Jesus, our words and actions will show that as well.

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