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Same Sex Email Responses I Have Received 


Over the last few years I have received many emails from same sex couples wishing to be married by my brother in Niagara Falls.

The following are some samples.


As a Christian myself, it saddens me that your personal belief system harbors hate and exclusivity. Perhaps one day you will see that God is about love and not judgment.


I am saddend that you choose to exclude same sex marriages from your business. It is legal in Ontario and I think you are being 100% non christian in your views. I would think you would recognize that love is love and that as a business person you would see that excluding a segment of society is bad business as well as judgmental and self rightous.


No I am sorry that as a Christian you find the only way to hear God's word is through the Bible and not through your own heart. I hear God's voice everyday. I know he loves me and I know that he created me just as I am for a purpose. It is impossible for someone coming from your perspective to know the inner torment gay people go through growing up. I can remember being nine years old having homosexual feelings and praying to God every single night to heal me from them. Steve I prayed for years and years. I tried denying myself by dating women, it didn't change anything and had I continued down that path it would have been unfair for both them and myself. If our loving, all powerful God, which he is, truly wished for me to be heterosexual he would have made this so. So it is not that I have turned my back on God, I am not ignoring what is in the Bible, I know what God has chosen for me. He has shown me himself, time and time again. We all walk our own spiritual path in this life Steve, some of us need guides from peers, such as priests, or from texts like the Bible, but some of us know enough to listen to what God tells us in our heart, even if there are some that claim he feels otherwise, it is always best to go to the source. It is always best to listen to the voice of God, not to other's interpretation of him. Perhaps one day you will be able to understand the broader meaning of God's love.


My same sex partner and I are interested in getting married in Niagara Falls, Ontario on Monday, March 29, 2004 in the afternoon. We plan to get our marriage license that morning at city hall. Does your facility handle same-sex marriages?

Also, we are both practicing Roman Catholics and would like to have a religious (Christian) ceremony. Would that be possible?



There are many who hold "Christian beliefs" who do hold same-sex marriages and civil unions. In fact, a Christian minister is uniting me and my partner of ten years just three weeks from now. May you find that your "Christian beliefs" broaden to embrace the full message of Jesus.



Danielle I was almost going to contact you to perform my wedding (which is not same-sex) and I saw that you're a closed-minded christian and I'm disgusted. It's too bad that God will never listen to your prayers since love means accepting all human beings. Keep on living your lie!


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