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A Living Sacrifice - Rom. 12:1    

Romans 12:1 tells us "in the light of God's mercy to present ourselves as a living sacrifice...".  In the light of God's mercy means, take into consideration all that I have just said in the first 11 chapters.  Some things that Paul said include, God's unmatched mercy and grace, His forgiveness of sins, His righteousness that has been given to us freely, His Holy Spirit who lives within us, and many other things .  All of these things show God's mercy towards us.

One might think that if we have been so greatly loved by God that we would not have to be encouraged to give ourselves to Him as a living sacrifice.  You would think that would come naturally after experiencing His mercy.  Obviously this is not the case or else Paul would not have mentioned this.  

Life itself also seems to suggest that we as mortals struggle with the things of God no matter what He has given us or done for us. We still need to give ourselves to Him. 

Too often we skip over the book of Romans, maybe because we have to think about it as we read.  If we can understand the concepts and the great truth found in  Romans, we will want to become a living sacrifice.  


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