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Can Christians Rod God?
–Malachi 2:6

Malachi 3 verses 6 and following speaks of Israel

robbing God. How did these Jews rob God? They failed to give God a tenth of their income as the Law of Moses required.

This verse is often used in defense of New Testament tithing for Christians. Even though the New Testament says nothing to Christians about tithing, many over the years have pulled out Old Testament verses to support their position on Christian tithing.

This verse in Malachi is one such verse. Many claim that if you fail to give a tenth in any particular period of time, then you are robbing God and are under the curse of the Law.

We need to understand that God through Malachi was speaking to Old Testament Jews who were under the Law and were supposed to obey it. He was not talking to us as Christians. God could not tell these people to disobey any part of the Law, as long as the Law was in effect.

These verses in Malachi do not apply to us. We are not Old Testament Jews. We are New Testament Christians. Jesus is the "end of the Law", and "has nailed the Law to the cross". (Rom. 10:4 & Col. 2:14) The Law of Moses is no longer in effect.

The New Testament teaches that Christians should give generously, joyfully, and according to one’s ability to give. Malachi 2 does not apply to us and therefore should not be used in the defense of a New Testament tithing. These verses were spoken to the Jews in Malachi’s day.

If Christians rob God today it is by withholding part of their lives from Him. Becoming a Christian means to give one’s life to Jesus because He is Lord. If we hold back any part of our lives, we are robbing God. And when it comes to money, Jesus doesn’t own 10 % of our money. He owns it all.

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