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Sudden sadness swept over my heart last week when I received an email with the subject line of "rejected". The person who wrote this subject line wouldnít admit it, or maybe doesnít even understand, but in some respect, buried deep in his heart is a pile of hurt caused by rejection. Although this specific subject line didnít relate to his past rejection, the mere mention of the word rejection in his email struck a sad chord in my heart.

Jesus made many great exchanges for us on the cross. By this I mean that He received something negative due us or from us, and in exchange He gave something positive to us in return. Itís like if I was a really nice and really rich guy, Iíd take your old clunker of a car off your hands and give you a brand new one. This is a poor analogy, but itís "a little bit" like that.

Hereís a couple of examples of what Iím saying. On the cross Jesus experienced Godís wrath so we could experience Godís love. Wrath that should have been directed our way was exchanged with love. Jesus felt the wrath. We feel the love.

Jesus also bore our sickness on the cross so we could experience healing. Isa. 52:14 prophesied that Jesusí "appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any man, and His form marred beyond human likeness". I think He was so disfigured while on the cross because He was inflicted with all of our illnesses and diseases. He exchanged our sicknesses for His healing.

Jesus also exchanged rejection for acceptance while on the cross. When He cried out to His Father, "why have you forsaken me", the only response He received was silence. If you think about this a bit, Jesus really experienced severe rejection. He suffered through the rejection that should have been directed towards us so that we could find acceptance with our Heavenly Father.

Weíve all experienced some kind of rejection, though some have experienced more than others. For anyone who has experience any kind of rejection the best way to recover is to find acceptance from Jesus.

I went through a time of major rejection a number of years ago and Jesus came to me with loving arms of acceptance. I remember one specific time when I sat on our love seat, totally numb, dazed, and confused. The presence of Jesus came to me as if He was literally sitting beside me. He reached into my heart and performed major surgery. He didnít stop at my heart. He did brain surgery as well. He scraped out the numbness and confusion. I know some of my friends think I should have asked Jesus for a brain transplant instead of surgery on my old brain, but I was happy just getting some surgical treatment at the time. Anyway, this wasnít theoretical stuff. It was experiential.

Iíll never de-emphasize good quality Biblical teaching, but at this point in a life you need Jesus to sit down beside you and bring healing to your heart and mind. This is not a teacher student situation youíd find in a classroom. Itís more like a doctor patient situation you find in an operating room. If you look for Jesus, youíll find Him, and Heíll do the surgery without leaving any scar tissue. It wonít cost you any money, but it will cost you a deeper commitment to Him.

Too many times our Christian lives are in theory only. This should never be. What Iím speaking about here concerning rejection and finding healing is not theoretical or clinical. Itís spiritual, and itís experiential, and itís effective in dealing with rejection.

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