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If Iím A Foot In The Body of Christ, Why Make Me A Hand?

In light of Paul telling us that the church is like a body, that is with hands, feet, arms, legs and other such things, can I ask a few questions?

If we are a body, that would mean you might be a hand, and I might be a knee. Why do we so often make a knee do what a hand is supposed to do? That is to say, why do we have administrators teaching? Yes, I know, we need Sunday School teachers, but if we donít have a teacher, should we make one teach who canĎt?

If we are body, each having different functions, resulting in different likes and dislikes, why do most churches have just one type of music Sunday mornings? Does the whole church consist of horn players? Is everyone in the church a guitar player? Do we all like the same kind music? Why not allow each musician to express himself in the gifting he has? Can there not be a place for free expression of faith in the area of music for all to participate in?

If we are all part of one body, and we look differently, why was I brought up to dress in a suite on Sunday mornings, and look like everyone else? Why would a foot that should be wearing a sock be made to wear a glove?

If we are all part of one body, why, if I am a bone in the foot do some people try to join me with a bone in the hand? Wonít the body function better if I being a bone in the foot am joined to another bone in the foot? Why try put me in a place that is out of place?

If we are all part of the body, each having different jobs because of who we are and our gifts, why should I be made to do the job of a hand if I am an eyeball? Am I not supposed to be keeping guard, watching where we are going? If I am trying to lift things and move things around because I am being made to do the job of a hand, might we not smash into something along the way because I am not doing my job keeping watch? Besides, how can an eye lift anything anyway?

I know Iíve asked a lot of questions, but if we are truly the body of Christ, tell me, why is this body so deformed looking?

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