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Jesus Isn't Impressed With
The Wealthy Churches

In the book of Revelation, chapter 2:9 Jesus acknowledges that the church of Smyrna was very poor in a material sense.  Yet He also told them that they were very rich spiritually.  He felt good about that.

It is interesting to note that any reward given to these people because of their overcoming faith does not include material wealth.  

If you compare Jesus' comments to the Smyrna church to His comments to the Laodicean church, you'll see how Jesus feels about material riches, especially in relation to churches. 

In Rev. 3:17-19 you'll see that Jesus acknowledged that the Laodicean church was very rich in earthly wealth, yet they were poor in spiritual wealth.  Jesus did not think much of their material wealth.  He told them to buy riches from Him.  

The Smyna church was poor materially but rich spiritually and Jesus spoke well of them.  The Laodicean church was rich materially but poor spiritually.  Jesus did not have anything good to say about that.

In many ways our North American church is very much like the Loadicean church.  Many scholars even say that the Laodicean church represents our modern wealthy church.  We should take very seriously what Jesus says about this subject in the above passages.  I believe Jesus has something to say to us.



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