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We often hear the words "my faith".  We say, "my faith has got me through these days of trials".   I was reminded of this just yesterday when I saw a lady on TV say that she got through September 11 because of "her faith". 

It seems that I point out what I perceive as errors in our thinking a lot.  That may be true, yet when you consider the letters of Paul, he does the same.   Getting back to my point; is it really our faith as Christians that gets us through our problems.   Technically speaking, I don't think so.  Our faith, or our trust in Jesus only makes it possible for Jesus to help us through our situations. 

By saying it is our faith that helps us, is to point the finger at us, and our ability.  That is getting close to a works oriented Christian life.  When we say that Jesus is the one that gets us through life's rough times, it is pointing the finger at Him.  It is giving Jesus the credit that He deserves. 

Let us give all credit to Jesus.  That is where it belongs.  Let us give a clear testimony to the world, and say that it is Jesus that helps us keep our heads above the water.  Telling the world that our faith is the thing that keeps us going does not give a clear picture of how it really works.  Our faith can be an example to them, but it is Jesus and Him alone that can help them and save them.  So let our words be accurate and clear.  Tell them that Jesus is the one that gets us through life.      


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