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From The Lips Of The Apostle John


Imagine the aging Apostle John, maybe in the year 95 AD reminiscing about the good old days with His young associates.  They enjoyed sitting around and hearing the stories of Jesus, which might have sounded a bit like this.


You know guys, I remember those three short years I spent with Jesus. It seems like it was yesterday.  I canít believe itís more than 60 years ago and Iím as old as I am.  All my brothers from those days are long gone.  Most of them were murdered because of their association with Jesus.  I think itís a little ironic that  they gave their lives to Jesus and Jesus handed those same lives over to the Roman sword.  Donít get me wrong, they all gladly gave their lives for Jesus.  And I would have too, but Jesus told me that Iíd live to be an old man and young men like you would take care of me. (John 21:18 )  Iím not really sure why Iím still around.  Maybe it has something to do with the Revelation of end time events Jesus gave me last month. Thereís a lot of false teaching about those things these days.     


We were so out of the loop back then. We couldnít figure out half of what Jesus told us.  I remember that last Passover meal.  We didnít have a clue what was really happening that night.  That was one strange, but amazing evening.  Jesus told us that one of us would hand Him over to the Sanhedrin to be killed.  Now this may sound crazy, but none of us believed Him.  But that was nothing knew.  Jesus was always on our case for not believing Him.   


O, by the way, everyone is wondering who really killed Jesus, the Jews or the Romans.  ďThe PassionĒ thatís playing at the amphitheater in Ephesus has caused quite a stir.  But Isaiah 53:10 answered that question long ago when Isaiah prophesied that it was Godís will to crush Jesus and cause Him to suffer.  Youíd think that would end the blame game between Jews and Gentiles. Really, the driving force behind Jesusí death was not man or even satan.  It  was God Himself.


Anyway, while we were questioning Jesus about His betrayer He interrupted us by saying, ďitís the one I give a piece of bread to.  He will dip the bread into the bowl with me and then leave to betray meĒ.  Sometimes I wonder why Jesus didnít just tell us outright that Judas was the betrayer.  I think I might know why Jesus was so mysterious about this?  


We didnít know it but at that very moment there was a battle raging in the spiritual world around us in that room.  When Jesus announced that the one who dips the bread with Him will betray Him; those words were directed more towards Judas than to us.  My thinking is that those Words of the Lord pierced the very heart and soul of Judas as a sword, because thatís what the Word of the Lord does.  Remember, the Word is the only offensive weapon  we have in spiritual warfare.   


While Jesusí words were piercing the heart of Judas satan was speaking to him as well.  Iím not sure what satan said but it might have went something like this. ďHeís talking about you Judas Ė take the bread from the guy Ė take it now Ė stop hesitating Ė be a man and do Him inĒ.   Judas was caught in cross-fire between two voices pounding away at his heart in this battle.  


The Passover meal consisted of  10 steps and in the  8th step Jesus diverted from the normal procedure and shared the bread and wine with us, and that includes Judas, which is amazing to me.  That diversion became what we now call the Lordís Supper.  He told us the bread was His body and the wine was His blood.  And now after 60 years weíre arguing over what those  words mean.  I guess some things never change.     


After we all shared the bread and cup and while we were trying to understand what Jesus meant by His body and blood, the moment came.   Jesus hands a piece of bread to Judas.  My heart sank to my stomach. They gaze intently into each others eyes. We were wondering whoíd be the first to dip his bread.  Jesus dips His bread into the bowl first and Judas follows.  You had to be there to know what Iím talking about.  A horrible evil darkness enveloped us at that moment, far beyond anything Iíve ever experienced.  At that very moment satan entered into the soul of Judas.


This precious and intimate moment that was meant for Jesus and His closest friends was invaded by satan.  I still shake my head as I think of it.  I canít say for sure, but even though we were clueless to this battle, I think all the angels in Heaven were sitting on the edge of their seats, watching this fight over Judasí will and satanís apparent victory. 


And you know what,  the battle is still raging today.   But things are different now since we have the Holy Spirit to enable us to see these spiritual battles, so donít ever ignore Him.  


Jesus told us that night that He would never drink from the fruit of the vine again until  He drank it with us in the Kingdom of God .  (Mark 14:25)  I believe Iíve seen that day in my Revelation.   When we sit down at the Marriage Feast of the Lamb, I think part of that meal will be the New Lordís Supper.  We will eat the bread and drink the wine with Him in a way never experienced.  And now I canít wait for that day.  Iím only one of eleven men in human history who will have eaten the first Lordís Supper with Jesus and the glorious Lordís Supper to come.  What a contrast between the two meals.  I wish I were there now.    


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