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Who's Left - from Matthew 24

"Two men will be in the field, one will be taken and the other left.  Two women will be grinding with a hand mill, one will be taken and the other left".  (Mat. 24:41)

This is a well known verse when people gather to talk about end times.  The question is always asked, "who is taken, and who is left behind"?

For the answer, we look at the context.  In Mat. 24:37 Jesus compares the days at the end to the days of Noah.  Remember Noah built the ark for a refuge against the flood that would come and destroy the earth. All of his family, and all of the animals that he put in the ark were saved.  What does the book of Genesis say about this point?

Genesis 7:23 says, "Only Noah was left and those with him in him ark".  

Genesis says it very clearly.  Noah and his family were "left behind".  The rest of the world was taken away.  This scripture can't be talking about a rapture, whether before or after a tribulation period.  It has to be talking about the great final day of judgment.  According the Genesis account that Jesus referred to , the righteous were the ones left to inhabit the new earth.

If you believe in a rapture, whether pre, post or mid, you certainly need to use other Scriptures, not this one. 

Post Script

The above article was written by me many years ago. I no longer belive as I once did. Although I'm not one hundred percent convincec of a pre-trib rpature, I'm almost there. Therefore, what I wrote above, I no longer believe. 

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