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 Part 4

Joints Outside A Church  Organization


Itís my impression that when we think of being joined  to others in the Body of Christ, we think in terms of the  relationships we have with those in our church organization and the meetings that take place therein.  As IĎve said before, Iíve been in thousands of Christian meetings in my life.  I still wonder how many of these meetings made an impact on my life and other people's lives.


Iím not really minimizing meetings. Well, maybe I am.   What I really want to do is put them in proper Scriptural perspective.  It would have been simpler if Jesus had of just told us to attend two mid-week meetings and two Sunday meetings to be His disciples, and thatís it.  The rest of the week would be ours, bust He didnít say that.  He said things like, ďif you really want to be my disciple, deny yourself, take up your cross daily, obey and imitate meĒ. Now thatís a different ball game, in a different ball park.


A joint is at least two people who have been placed  together by Jesus in friendship.  If the life blood of Jesus is flowing through the joint then lots of things should be done on His behalf outside of meetings.  For example, a joint of two people may do something as simple as visiting an elderly person in a nursing home.    Beyond this, the sky is the limit.  Or should I say, Heaven is the limit.  Also, our joints do need to be effective in meetings if given the chance.  Even though we spend a lot of time in meetings, most of our lives are still spent outside of meetings.  It is there we need to see our joints working effectively. 


I know everyone will not agree with my next statement and thatís fine.  I believe we can have productive and effective joints outside the context of a traditional church organizations.  Joints are simply friendships in Jesus that work together on His behalf.  Our ďchurch affiliationĒ, as we call it, should not matter when we think in terms of joints in the Body of Christ. If we think only in terms of working with those in our traditional church setting, we'll inevitably end up promoting and building that church organization and its distinctives, and not the Body of Christ.  The more we build our organized structure and its distinctives, the more isolated our organization becomes.  This may be hard to swallow, but I believe itís true.  Just try to get a number of church organizations together for a common Christmas celebration.  It is almost impossible. Many organizations are pre-occupied with their own distinct Christmas activities and have no time left for the rest of the Body of Christ. If you know anything about local ministerial groups, youíll know how true this is.  Each group works hard at promoting and building its distinctives.


Hereís an example of how some people feel about their distinctives.  A pastor once told me that if his church fell apart, heíd meet with himself because he believed so much in promoting his distinctives.  Another pastor told me that this pastor would rather see his church sink rather than switch directions.  He was right. It sank a short time later.   This is not an isolated example.  Building a church organization based on personal distinctives is common place and not Scriptural.


We would do better by thinking of joints as being individuals that Jesus has placed together, despite what church organization these joints attend. This is New Testament thinking.


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