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Who Is The Lord Jesus Christ


We can learn a lot about Jesus by simply studying His name and titles.  Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she’d miraculously give birth to a son who she would name  “Jesus”. (Luke 1:31-32)  In the English New Testament the name “Jesus” is translated from the Greek word “Jeezuhs”.   “Jeezuhs” is the Greek  equivalent of the Hebrew word “Jahshewuh” where we derive our English word “Joshua” that is found in the Old Testament.   Simply put, “Jesus” is English, “Jeeszuhs” is Greek and “Jahshewuh” is Hebrew, all of which  mean, “Yahweh is salvation”.  “Yahweh” is the proper Hebrew name for God.  So there’s your short language lesson for the day. 


When Gabriel tells Mary to call her new born son “Jesus”, or “Yahweh is salvation”, what  he is in fact saying to her is that the boy she will give birth to will be Yahweh, or God Himself who will rescue mankind.  No wonder she was shocked, confused and dumfounded.  She was giving birth to God. How could that be?  Of course God already existed.  She was really giving birth to God in a human body, which is our fundamental understanding of who Jesus is.  We call this the Deity of Christ. This is also why Jesus is called the Son of God, because God was His biological Father. It’s not that Jesus never existed before He was born in the stable. He did exist as the Eternal Word of God, as John says in John 1:1-9.  He simply took on a new form, and in my thinking will never return to His original form as the Eternal Word.


So the name Jesus tells us who Jesus is.  He is God in human flesh.  This is the cornerstone to what we believe as Christians.  Beyond this truth  Jesus has two main titles.  They are “Lord” and “Christ”.  This is why we call Jesus, ”our Lord Jesus Christ.  We can learn lots about Jesus’ roll in the Godhead by understanding what Lord and Christ mean? 


“Kurios” is Greek, “Adonia” is Hebrew, and “Lord” is English.   When applied to Jesus these words mean that He is the Supreme Authority over all there is, both in the spiritual world and the material world, and any other type of world that may exist. There’s no one else in human history like Jesus.  He is one of a kind. He has final authority in all things.  He has no real rivals even though satan may claim to be one.  As Lord He is in control of all things, sustains all things, and does what He wants with all things.


An interesting point to note is that some scholars say that first century Christians never used the word  Lord (kurios) in respect to any human authority, because they believed  so strongly that there was only one real Lord, and that is Jesus.


Jesus’ second title is Christ.  Christ is not Jesus’ last name as evangelicals tend to use it.  We might say, “Christ will return”.  To be specific, we should say “our, or the  Christ will return”.  We say “the President will return”.   We don’t say, “President will return”, because “president is a title and not a name”.  The same is true when using Jesus’ title of Christ.  


“Christos” is Greek.  “Mashiach” is Hebrew.  “Christ is English.   All these words in their simplest form mean “anointed one”.   In connection with Jesus, He is the Anointed One, chosen by God to provide salvation to the world, and when I use the word world I mean all of creation, because when the believer experiences final restoration, the rest of creation will experience restoration as well.    


So just by understanding Jesus’ name and His two titles we learn a lot about who Jesus is and what He does.  His name tells us that He is God in human flesh, meaning He and God are one yet with an obvious  distinction in personhood.  As Heb. 1:3 says, “He (Jesus) is the exact representation of God’s being”.  As Lord, Jesus is the Supreme Authority over all there is. He has the last word in all things.  He has no rivals and no competition.  And as Christ, He’s been chosen by God to bring God’s salvation to the world.   Once understanding this, no wonder we should speak of our Lord Jesus Christ as often as we can. 

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