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Not Doing Good Is Sin

If you claim to obey the 10 Commandments then you are obviously free of sin.  You clearly don't sin.  Correct?  No.  Sin has a much wider definition than merely not doing certain bad things. 

James 4:17 clearly states that "not doing the good you know to do is sin".  James doesn't say, "doing bad things is sin".  He says, "not doing good things is sin".  Now these are 2 very different ideas, aren't they.  Have you ever considered the good things you fail to do every day to be sin?  Do you think then that you might be sinning pretty well every day of your life.  If this is so, "Jesus, pleas help us".  He has.  That is what salvation is all about.  

How many missed opportunities have passed your way to do good?  Did you ever think that each and every one of these opportunities that you missed is actually a sin.  Well that sheds a whole different light on what sin really is, doesn't it.


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