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Jesus, Our High Priest Forever

In Heb. 10:5 Jesus says that "sacrifice and offerings you did not desire, but a body you prepared for me". Jesus left the security of His Father to enter a body that was prepared for Him. There was only one reason why Jesus made this transition from Heaven to earth, and that was to become a sacrifice for sins. His death would end all man made attempts to please God. The simple fact is that Jesus was born to die.

Heb . 10:18 says that "there is no longer any other sacrifice for sin". Once in human history, and for all time Jesus has sacrificed His life, never to be sacrificed again. He now sits on the throne of the universe as Lord, and also as our High Priest.  Hebrews 7 makes it abundantly clear that Jesus is our "High Priest forever". This means that He is constantly representing us before God our Father, and He will for all of eternity. He didnít only represent us while on the cross. He represents us right now, in this present moment, with all of our human frailties. God the Father only has to look upon Jesus and see the nail prints in His hands, and in so doing He gazes upon us with His perfect love.

We often see Jesus as Christ or Lord, but how often do we think of Jesus being a Priest.  His priesthood lasts forever (Heb. 7:21).  As I have said, Jesus was a priest, is a priest, and will always be a priest.  As priest, He acts on our behalf before God, as  lawyer would act on the behalf of a client.  It therefore appears that we will always be in need of a priest, or else there would be no reason why Jesus would have to be a priest forever.  This is an interesting thought.  Even though we have been made right by the blood of Jesus, we are still in need of Jesus representing us before God.  How great full we should be.

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