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In Conclusion

I could probably continue on into eternity writing about hermeneutics but I will now bring this to an end. If you understand and follow the principles that Iíve set forth, youíll do well as a student of the Bible.

The foundation point to all that Iíve said is that if we have a logical and systematic approach to the Bible, with the help of the Holy Spirit, weíll understand the Bible pretty well. Contrary to popular belief, Jesus does want us to understand.

I know that not everyone has the same capacity to be logical and systematic, but I do believe we all can make some improvements in this area. Those who do have this capacity should wisely allow our Lord to use you to help others.

Many Christians today have never heard the word "hermeneutics", and donít have any interest in understanding the Bible. Whether they know it or not, theyíve been influence by a worldly post modern society that says, "just quickly clue me in on the generalities and donít bore me with the details". This is no attitude for a Christian to have.

One man recently asked if he should start reading the Bible after being a Christian for 15 years. I was speechless. This man wasnít even talking about studying the Bible, only reading it. If the Bible is indeed the inspired Word of God that we claim it to be, we should treat it accordingly. Reading "The Bible For Post Modern Christian Dummies" is no substitute for a good hermeneutical approach to the Bible.

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