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Jesus Obeyed The Law

I believe that Jesus obeyed the Law of Moses in the sense that He obeyed the intent of the Law.  That is to say, He obeyed the heart of God that instituted the Law in the first place.  Some suggest that Jesus obeyed the Law to the letter, but I'm not sure of that. These people say that He didn't obey all of the extra rabbinical laws, and that I agree.  Whether He obeyed the strict letter of the Law or the intent behind the Law, He has been the only one in human history to do so.  Therefore, it is my position that He obeyed the Law for us.  As Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins, He lived His righteous life so we could be righteous before God.  We must keep this in mind when we read and interpret the Old Testament books of the Law.   


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