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The Fulfillment Of The Law

We’ve just established that the Law is prophetic. In Matt. 5:17 and 18 Jesus says that Law would not be abolished until all of it is fulfilled. We just need to know when it was, or will be fulfilled. Let me suggest to you that a good part of the Law has already been fulfilled, yet there is still parts left  to be fulfilled.

Much of the Law is in reference to Jesus’ life and ministry on earth – from His birth to His ascension. The Feast of Passover is one prophetic example of the atoning death of Jesus. So any part of the Law dealing with the life of Jesus on earth has already been fulfilled.

Some aspects of the Law such as the Feast of Tabernacles is yet to be fulfilled. The fulfillment of these prophetic types and shadows will take place at the end of this age, when heaven and earth will disappear into a new heaven and earth.

So as we speak right now the Law has not been abolished in its totality because we still have this present heaven and earth, and there’s still some of the Law to be fulfilled. Yet that part of the Law that has already been fulfilled, even though it has not yet been abolished,  takes on a new meaning for us New Testament Christians, and in fact has come to an end.

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