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Earlier I spoke about bringing presuppositions into our interpretation of Scripture. Many times our doctrinal predisposition influences the way we interpret particular passages which in turn can pollute the text.

Like presuppositions, our personalities can also influence how we interpret the Bible. If you are a loving and caring person, Scriptures that speak of Godís love may stand out in your mind more than verses that speak of Godís wrath. This in turn may lead you to emphasize Godís love at the expense of His justice.

Those who may be more judgmental by nature may over emphasize verses speaking of GodĎs wrath and judgment. This too leads to an unbalanced understanding of Scripture

So it is clear that who we are can influence how we understand and interpret the Bible, but it shouldnít. We should let the Bible speak for itself and have a balanced approach to how we interpret the Bible.

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