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God Ė He Or She

Rabbi Harold Kushner in his book entitled, "The Lord Is My Shepherd" comments on the gender of God. He says that our Bible calls God a "He" for "grammatical" reasons only. Yet "functionally speaking", he says, God is both He and She. He says that throughout Scripture you can see Godís feminine and masculine sides in the things He says and does.

I agree with Harold Kushner. Jesus Himself said in His discussion with His disciples in John 4 that God is a Spirit. God is not like men and women. God is a Spirit. He has no mortal or physical body. Yet on the other hand, as noted in the creation story, men and women are like God in one sense of the word, that is, we were created in His image.

Being created in Godís image means, that when we laugh, God laughed long before we had the chance to laugh. When we are sad, God knew sadness before creation. All of the emotions that we display have been first found in God. He is not like us, but we are like Him in certain respects.

In creation, God first made Adam. Before God took Eve from Adam, Adam was both male and female, like God Himself. When we think in terms of gender, we think mostly in terms of reproductively. Man releases part of himself into woman and woman gives birth. God does not reproduce like human beings. God reproduces in His creation. We ourselves are Godís offspring.

Once again, God is not like man, but man like God in certain aspects. God has no gender. God is neither male or female as we know it in an earthly sense. He is genderless. He is Spirit. He does display fatherly and motherly characteristics in how he interacts with His creation.

He (and Jesus as well) even calls Himself a Father, denoting masculinity. Yet this too may be for grammatical purposes, especially in the day and age when the Bible was written.

The conclusion that I make from all of this is that the "He - She" debate concerning God is irrelevant. For grammar purposes, we call God a He. So we will use the personal pronoun "He" in reference to God, knowing that in reality, God is a Spirit. 

Now concerning Jesus, the story is somewhat different  That is a topic for another articled 


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