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Balancing Getting With Giving


So this is Christmas, a time when we think about spending.  O, Iím sorry.  I must have my Visa account on my mind.  I meant to say itís a time to think about giving and not receiving, as Jesus tells us to do all year long. (Acts 20:35) 


Speaking about giving, Jesus also says that if we give to the least among us, we give to Him.  He also says that if we donít give to those less privileged, we donít give to Him, something Heís not very happy about. (Matt. 25:31Ö)      


New Testament thinking states that it is better to give than to receive, and when we do give we actually give to Jesus. 


Last week I wrote about the traditional Sunday meeting of the church.  Most of what takes place in these meetings is in respect to getting, not giving.  I say this because most people in the meeting sit and watch what is happening on the platform with the hope of receiving something from the few up front.  Some of us spend a lot of time in these meetings.  Iíve calculated that Iíve been in about 10,000 Christian meetings in my 56 years.   Iím reminded of a friend of mine who tried to meet with another Christian with no success because the other Christian spent most of his evenings in a church meeting.  


Iíd like to propose a change in our thinking.  Cut out half of our meetings, some of which may not be that productive anyway.  The time you save by not attending these meetings spend in reaching out in some format of giving to others, especially to the non-Christian.  By doing this we begin to balance our getting with giving and become closer to New Testament thinking as a church group.  We also might just experience the presence of Jesus in our time of giving as much as we do in our meetings since if weíre really giving to Him, He must be present to give to.    


Of course our giving has to be in the name of Jesus as His representatives and not simply in the name of some church or civic group.  Iím not sure that we give to Jesus when we give in someone elseís name other than His.      


I hope and pray you all have a nice Christmas season knowing that Jesus gave of Himself when He was placed in the manger.  Of course He now reigns as the Sovereign Lord of all there is expecting us to follow in His example of giving.    


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