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Movement Of God Or Fad

I wasnít around in the early 1900ís when the Pentecostal Movement of the 20th century began. Was it a real move of God? I believe it was, even though some of the original people involved disavowed themselves from what happened.

Then there was the Latter Rain Movement in the late 1940ís. That too was a real move of God in my opinion. I wasnít born when this move of God took place but I have heard men speak who were a part of the movement.

Next came the Charismatic Movement of the 1960ís and 70ís and itís sub-movements. The Jesus People Movement was a sub-movement of the Charismatic Movement. I feel proud to have been a part of both of these movements.

Then there are the movements of the 1990ís. The Toronto Blessing is one of these moves of God. Do I think that these movements were from God. For the most part I do, although I do think that there were excesses, but there are excesses in every move of God. Excesses is where man does things that are beyond the scope of what the Lord intends. Barking as dogs to me was one such excess.

I do believe that there are fads. Some Christians today merely copy what they see work in another church community. Various techniques are promoted all over the world through the proliferation of books, magazines, TV shows and web sites, (mine included). Why we need to copy what some other church community is doing is beyond me. I believe that each community should seek Jesus to see what should be done in that particular situation. This is a much more creative approach to church life, and much more Biblical in my opinion.

Iím not suggesting that the Lord canít use some of these fads. I think He can. But I think if you are honest and look back into recent history you will see certain fads that come and go. I even heard one pastor say that he is looking out for the newest thing to implement in his church.

I would like to suggest some examples of what I believe are fads but I will reframe. The point to what I am making is that many fads do come and go in Christians circles. We should be careful in what we follow. We should give ourselves to prayer and the study of Scripture to see what Jesus would have for us, and not merely copy the latest thing going.

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