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Who Made God?

To begin with, I am not a scientist, and do not have all of the up to date understanding on the creation of the earth from either a evolutionary or creationist viewpoint.  I do have some thoughts on the subject and would like to share one of these thoughts now.

The question has often been asked concerning creation, "if God created the earth and all therein, who created God"?  Usually most of us with little understanding get stuck on this question.

I may not have an answer that will satisfy everyone, but I do have a thought about this question.  The question being asked, "who created  God", ignores the possibility of there being a spiritual world.  By this I mean, when you ask when something was made, you are thinking solely in terms of a  material world consisting of atoms, molecules and the like.  

This question presupposes that there is nothing beyond this material world that we live in.  Yet Christians believe that there is another world around us which is spiritual in nature, something that is nothing like that material world we live in. This world consists of spirits, which includes God Himself.    

A spirit has no material value and therefore most likely has no beginning nor end to its existence.  If this is truly the case, then the question concerning who made God is not relevant. 


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