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What Is Eternal Death?

The Bible speaks of something that is called "eternal death".  Have you ever given much consideration to what this means?  We as Christians have talked a lot about "eternal life", but have we neglected the truth about "eternal death"?  Of course, if we have given our lives to Jesus and trust Him for all aspects of our lives which would include salvation, we don't have to worry about "eternal death".  That is certainly good news.  Yet what about those who reject Jesus and what He has done for us. 

For those who reject Jesus and His grace that He showed to on the cross, there awaits something that is very clearly seen in Scripture called "eternal death".  In our world of "God is loving and would never send anyone to hell", we need to know for sure that there is such a thing called "eternal death".

On June 7, 2001, at 9:05 in the evening my father passed away of cancer.  The cancer was detected at the end of April that year and within six weeks he was gone.  Those last 2 days in the hospital must have been hell for him.  He had not eaten for days.  He could not drink.  He had no I V tubes going into his arms giving him nourishment.  He was simply in the process of dying.  We did nothing to make this process last longer than it should have.  That last day you could tell that he was thirsty, but he couldn't tell us.  I tried to drop a few drops of water on to his tongues to help him out, yet he choked on the drops as they went down his throat.  He could not move.  He just laid on his back, hopefully not in too much pain. It was a horrible and sad sight to see.  I know many of you have seen such a sight, and if you haven't, you probably will.  We all have to die, yet the dying process is not normally a happy experience.  

This is what "eternal death" is all about.  For those who will experience "eternal death", they will always be in the process of dying, but will never actually die.  Like my father, they will be thirsty and not be able to drink.  They will be in pain without the help of a pill.  They will be on the edge of death with all of its horror and pain but unable to die.  If seeing a man die of cancer is sad and horrible, how much more horrible will "eternal death" be.  I can't really begin to imagine it.  I am only thankful that Jesus has rescued me from such a fate.

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