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Christians And Ecology


My friend spoke to a Sunday morning church group about  “Christians and the ecology”  five years before Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth appeared in movie theatres.  His point was simple. Christians have a responsibility to be good stewards of God’s creation. In response, one lady told him that his sermon wasn’t appropriate for a Sunday morning service because it wasn’t spiritual enough for her liking.  


In his documentary Al Gore says global warming isn’t a political or economic issue.  He says it’s a moral issue.   I go one step further.  I say it’s a spiritual issue.  I agree with my friend.  Christians should treat God’s creation with the utmost respect.  


Genesis 1:31 says that God looked on what He had created and said that it was “very good”.   If God says something is very good, you can bet it’s very good.


In Genesis 1:28  God told Adam “to be fruitful and increase in number”.  In simple terms He told Adam to go and make babies.  Adam soon discovered that obeying this command was very enjoyable and he planned on obeying it every day.   


God also told Adam “to replenish” (KJV), or “fill” (NIV) the earth.  I won’t debate the theology of the Gap Theory based on the word “replenish”.  You can figure that one out for yourself, assuming you know what I’m talking about.


Lastly, God told Adam to subdue and rule over His creation, a responsibility that I think he forfeited when he fell from God’s grace.  Maybe Adam was just too pre-occupied with obeying God’s command to make babies that he lost all good sense of judgment and failed to obey the important command.


It’s my thinking the words subdue and rule means that God gave man the responsibility to manage the affairs of the earth.  Yet Adam forfeited this responsibility by his disobedience, resulting in God cursing the ground he walked on. (Gen. 3:17)   Adam fell from God’s good graces, and sad to say he took the rest of creation down with him.  Now creation groans and waits with eager anticipation for the sons of God to find their complete redemption when Jesus returns.  When this takes place all creation will experience restoration to God’s original purpose along with those who have given their lives to Jesus.   (Romans 8:18-22)


Ever since God’s judgment that is found in Genesis 3 we’ve been unable to manage God’s creation.  We’ve progressively treated creation with a great lack of respect and now we’re beginning to reap what we’ve sown.  Non-the-less, this earth still belongs to God, and Christians belong to Him.  This fact alone should cause us to think about being good stewards of what God has  created, even in its present fallen state.  The time will come when this earth will be made new again and we will rule with Jesus on earth as we were intended to do in the first place.  (Rev. 21)  Until then we should treat God’s creation with the respect it’s due. 


Here’s an extra thought. Adam named the animals as if they were his pets. He lived in peaceful harmony with them.  After he fell from God’s good graces God’s judgment brought fear, dread and discord between man and animals. 


Just think.  One day man and animals lived together in loving harmony and the next day they woke to fear and enmity towards each other.  I think Adam’s stomach turned and his heart fell to his feet when he woke and discovered his animal friends were afraid of him and he of them.  I just can’t imagine how he felt the first time he had to capture and kill one of these animals in sacrifice to God for his sin.   


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