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We Belong To Each Other 

In Rom. 12:5 Paul says, "each member belongs to all of the others".  In Romans 12 Paul tells us that all Christians, no matter how different they are in function are all part of one body.  He says that as individual Christians we belong to "all" the rest of the body.  He doesn't leave anyone out.

This means that a Baptist belongs to a Methodist. The Brethren  belongs to the Pentecostals.  We all belong to each other.  Even more than belonging to each other, we need each other. 

Certain people have stressed the idea of "covenant relationships".  Some have gone as far as to make covenants with each other.  Some simply say that if you believe like us and are committed to our vision then we are in covenant and belong to each other.  If you don't believe as we do, then you have broken covenant.  Yet what is Paul saying here.  He is saying that we all belong to each other anyway.  It doesn't matter if we think differently on certain issues.  It doesn't matter if we have different functions.  There is only one body of Christ. 

If this is truly the case then it is time that we start acting this out in reality and stop separating ourselves from each other.   Each new move of God seems to think they are a Martin Luther type Reformation and needs to separate themselves from the rest of the body to promote their version of truth.  In most cases the move of God is not on the same level as the Reformation.  It is more of an awakening of God's people. 

For example the Charismatic Movement did not bring the proper perspective on faith and salvation to the church.  If brought new life to the church by the outpouring of the Spirit.  We should not have had to separate over this movement.  We should try as much as possible to live at peace with one another as Paul puts it in Romans 12.  If others separate from you that is one thing, but you should do your best to keep the peace, because we are all of one body.

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